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DNA contains the information that our body needs to carry out its vital functions, the set of biochemical reactions that is called “metabolism”. Scientific studies have clearly shown that all individuals are the same for 99.9% of their genetic makeup, so the 0.1% difference in their DNA determines the diversity we see between people.

This diversity does not only concern the outward appearance, but causes each individual to respond in a unique way to environmental stimuli: each of us in fact has a different susceptibility to diseases, responds differently to food and, of course, has a different risk. to lose hair or develop trichological problems.

This is because genetic differences between individuals can lead to modifications in the structure of genes and the proteins they encode, which is reflected in a modification of their activity.

Does 0.1% seem low to you?

The two people in the photo differ from each other by 0.1% of their DNA, therefore of the genetic information that underlies the functioning of their organism.

However, we must keep in mind that we are not only the result of what is written in our DNA, but of the interaction between our DNA and the environment, understood as lifestyle, nutrition, etc.

So knowing the information that derives from our DNA allows us to understand which are the “weak points” of our metabolism and to intervene in a targeted manner to keep our body in the best condition, blocking or slowing down those mechanisms that can cause the appearance of disorders and diseases, including hair problems.

Genetic evaluation therefore serves to identify those at risk in which preventive treatment is important to avoid the onset of baldness.

The Genotric DNA test, through the analysis of the genetic variability involved in the modulation of the mechanisms of inflammation, oxidative stress and androgenetic alopecia, allows the identification of the factors responsible for the appearance of the main scalp imbalances, in order to identify the best path personalized quote to combat the onset of baldness.

The DNA test also allows to reduce, if not necessary, the use of pharmacological treatments able to stop androgenetic alopecia, which however are not without harmful side effects.

Genotrico, together with the visit of a specialist, therefore allows you to assess the need for preventive intervention and carry out a targeted and effective action to maintain healthy and thick hair.