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Much more than a DNA test.

InGeno Skin

Skin ageing is different for everyone: loss of tone, elasticity, wrinkles and premature ageing depend on your DNA.

InGeno Skin provides you with information on:

  • genetic predisposition to premature ageing;
  • photoexposure damage
  • skin microbiome alteration
  • genocosmetics and integration program personalized on DNA

InGeno Food

InGeno Food guides you in choosing foods that are friendly to your health by cross-referencing DNA test data with your health and lifestyle data to get the most benefit from the foods you eat.

InGeno Food provides you with information on:

  • intolerances and sensitivities of genetic origin
  • health of the intestinal microbiota
  • which of the more than 200 foods on our MyGenoFood map are friendly to your DNA and which ones are hostile or to be consumed in reduced quantities or frequency

InGeno Hair

For baldness, widespread hair loss, dandruff, flaking, and itchy scalp, and dry, dull, and weak hair.

InGeno Hair provides you with information on:

  • the risk of developing androgenic baldness;
  • the origin of scalp problems (dandruff, redness, itching, etc.)
  • genocosmetics and integration program personalized on DNA

How it works

Buy the test you want online

Receive the kit comfortably at home

Make the swab easily by following the instructions contained in the Kit

Request the free pick up of the kit at home

Receive the report and then you can request expert support on your personalized path

Buy the test you want online

InGeno system

InGeno has developed a unique analytics system that can tell you:

  • if your problem is genetically based (genetic predisposition to develop a disorder)
  • how your environment and your lifestyle and nutrition activate your predisposition
  • how to influence and modify your genetic predisposition by acting on the modifiable factors of your life choices.

From the problem to the genetic-based solution, there is only InGeno

What they say about us

Thanks to InGeno I found out a test that allowed me to treat a skin problem that I didn't expect to have.
The home delivery of the test was very quick and the report was sent to me in 5 working days.
The InGeno team has always been readily available to answer any of my doubts or questions.
They fully met my expectations.

CARLOTTA - Customer

CAMILLA - Customer

The InGeno DNA test is a touch of the made in Italy future, an investment in one's health and well-being education.
After taking the test and implementing the food changes, I was reborn because I have more awareness of what makes me feel good.
Excellent advice after the test.
Availability and professionalism in all respects!

FEDERICA - Customer

With InGeno, my work with patients has become easier. Availability, professionalism, ability to respond quickly and easily to my questions and doubts, seriousness and punctuality in sending kits and reports, scientific references always present and easy to consult, clear reports in every part, simple even for the patient . This is why I continue to choose InGeno.

VALENTINA - Nutritionist biologist

SIMONA - Nutritionist biologist

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Solved my disorders


I lost weight without diet


It improved my health


I have recovered my well-being

Survey conducted on a sample of 100 customers – Scientific Research and Higher Education Center.

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